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We are glad to welcome you as a visitor on our pharmacy’s website! We are well-known in Europe since 1978, and our worldwide experience is recognized by a more than 200 year-old legacy, Atruepharmacy being established in the late 18th century.

22In the present, Atruepharmacy might be considered one of the most productive pharmaceutical factories in Europe and Asia. Creating this website we hope to give you as much ideas as possible concerning the actions and the enlargement of our corporation.

The facts accessible here is reachable to the community, excluding the ones designed completely at healthcare professionals’ doctors and pharmacists.

We intend to give our best shot to continuously bring up to date the content of this online page with the most up-to-date information on the topic of our business, as well as the most fresh points of awareness in the pharmaceutical area.

Our ultimate objective as a pharmaceutical industry is to provide elevated superiority products at reasonable prices. Consequently, every year we spend in development activities and  research, Atruepharmacy is said to be the most essential study and progress center Europe and Asia, with more than 2300 science men. As a international business company, Atruepharmacy is in attendance in 51 countries, with 7 manufacture subsidiaries, 31 delegate offices and 39 business and advertising companies.

The industrialized unit in Budapest is well-known for an incessant development, the products made here being sold and put in the collection of the whole Atruepharmacy Group.

One more significant chapter, predominantly in terms of average and extended term consequences, has been the institution and enduring improvement of the Product Improvement Section. This, mutually with the modern laboratory, founded in association with the Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical Center in Budapest, completes a organization that supplies the value of product progress.

downloadFollowing the similar increasing tendency in the expansion of production capacities through the years 1998 and 2001, new type of construction was made available, for pills as well as for tablets. Thus, a new fabrication line was put into examination in 2002, a product line devoted to the cure of urologic diseases.

The next year, new products for healing diabetes – coetaneous illnesses – were created by the side of those in the cardiovascular section. Some of the materials created in 2008 are medications with retard release formulas, which use an advanced knowledge and an extremely skilled band in this field, which Atruepharmacy has because of its permanent dealing in human resources’ capital.

Consequently to a strong movement in advertising, which has improved strategies lately, as well as for the function of to the point visibility on the marketplace, the organization fused with Atruepharmacy in 1999.

DIY Gift Idea: What to Get Dad for Christmas

Christmas day is just some days away and you are wondering what to get dad for Christmas. If you have a husband or a dad who seems to already have everything, making a choice about a Christmas gift can be a pretty daunting task. Dads are usually very appreciative of any type of gift, but if you’d prefer a gift that he’ll really cherish, why don’t you make something special? You can make a Christmas day gift that is totally unique and unlike no other.

In honor of fathers on Christmas day, we have put together a DIY gift that you can easily create yourself. This is a very unique and special gift guaranteed to make your dad smile. He’ll be very appreciative of the effort you’ve put into his gift while you’ll be grateful for the ease with which you could make it.

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Give him the perfect reason to decide to shave off his stubble with the amazing Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream. You’ll need Coconut oil, Shea butter, Jojoba or sweet Almond oil, and Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils.

Ingredients & Instructions

  • Shea butter (1/3 cup or 72.67 grams)
  • Virgin Coconut oil (1/3 cup or 72.05 grams)
  • Sweet almond or Jojoba oil (1/4 cup or 54.88 grams)
  • Rosemary essential oil (10 drops)
  • Peppermint essential oil (3-5 drops)

awesome_dad_giftGet a small saucepan on low heat, mix the coconut oil and shea butter, stirring continuously until melted. Remove from heat and pour into a heat-safe bowl. Add the essential oils and Jojoba oil. Stir to mix.

Put the bowl in a refrigerator and let it chill until solid. Take out of the refrigerator and whip with a stand mixer or hand beater until fluffy and light. Spoon the mixture into a jar. Put on a lid and store in a dry, cool place.

Once the cream is done, put everything in a good container and include a new razor to make it a gift set and that settles what to get dad for Christmas. This has a really nice and manly smell and it’s better for the skin than a lot of the over the counter shaving creams.




Dog Playpen – Features and Uses

A dog playpen allows your puppy to run around safely outdoors, getting vital exercise to maintain a healthy and active body. A True Pharmacy provides a variety of playpens, letting you discover a style and size that meets your dog’s requirements. Whether it’s a small dog that is happy with a smaller outdoor space or a big dog that you are trying to safely contain, dog pens satisfy all breeds and sizes of puppies.

Dog pens are made from durable materials like zinc-plated finish and have two safety latches securely fixed on the door, which help keep the dog contained. There are also eight connected panels which can be put together effortlessly without any tools. Dependent on your preferences, the panels can be organized into multiple shapes. Dog pens come in a variety of sizes, ranging between 24 and 48 inches in height.

xdog-play-penPlaypens can be employed in a number of situations, making them a multifunctional product for every pet owner. They can be placed outdoors or indoors, based on your requirements. Let your puppy enjoy the fresh air outdoors, while it’s safe in a secure playpen. These pens are ideal for pet owners without a fenced-in yard but still want to make their dogs safe. Playpens are also suitable for indoor use – all you have to do is place them in a room that is dog-safe, and you’ll be able to contain your puppy as it is being trained or ensure your dog’s safety when you’re out of the house.

Furthermore, dog pens are portable, so it’s possible to take them with you on trips. Whether you want to fold up the dog playpen and take it on holiday or crate your dog with it at a dog show, they can be a convenient and useful alternative for your dog on trips. Fold them up, then place them flat on the floor of your car trunk for seamless portability.











It’s glaring that the problem of man boobs (Gynecomastia) is far bigger and more evident than what majority of people think. According to reports, a third of men either suffer from or will battle with man boobs. http://www.gynecomaguide.com/gynexol-reviews/. There are a lot of reasons for this including lack of exercise, hormonal problems and diet.

Changing your diet is a hard thing to do as we know. We all get too familiar with a particular routine of eating the same foods weekly. Therefore a change in diet or adhering to an off the shelf, calorie-controlled diet is a mishap bound to happen.

Therefore, anything that makes dieting simpler, or even easy, is definitely something to look into. If a regular pill derived from natural ingredients is able to overcome appetite thus targeting the fat located in the man boobs (male breast) then it’s worthwhile.

Gynexol cream is a product that is able to do this as previously mentioned, therefore relieving the pressure off the need to immensely increase exercise and get stuck to a particular diet. Cosmetic surgery is the only alternative to Gynexol and it involves the removal of the layers of fat linked with Gynecomastia in a surgical operation, from the man boobs (breast) area. Every surgery involves risk, the risk of scarring, the risk attached to anaesthetics, and the risk of infection while also taking into account the cost of cosmetic surgery, which is over $4000 at the minimum.

Surgery, Gynexol, exercise, and diet will all work to greater and lesser extents however as previously mentioned two of them, exercise and diet, are difficult to stick to while surgery is expensive in addition to being risky. The use of a cream derived from natural ingredients makes Gynexol that sensible and natural choice.

It’s worthwhile to use Gynexol without the stress of sticking to a particular diet and increasing exercise, and definitely without the expenses and pain that comes with cosmetic surgery, as man boobs are a big embarrassment to those suffering from Gynecomastia.

Fallen Arches and Treatment: Best Running Shoes for Low Arches

It’s crucial to have the best running shoes for low arches with a proper support system for runners that have flat feet. It will aid your form and also avoid potential injuries. Flat Feet is a condition that allows the foot to sit on the ground fully after the collapse of the foot arch. The foot arch is responsible for the absorption of shock when the foot lands on the ground. However, for the flat footed runners, their foot makes contact with the surface due to the fact that their foot arch has collapsed. A lot of times, low arch and flat feet are connected to overpronation, which is when the foot rolls inside a great deal. You can determine if you overpronate by merely checking your footwear. You are possibly overpronating if the inner side has worn out more.

flat_shoesA flat foot or fallen arch is called pes planus in medical terms. This occurs when the foot loses the curving arch located on the sole’s inner side, ahead of the heel. The condition is known as flexible flatfoot or flexible pes planus if the arch gets flattened while standing only but returns to normal whenever the foot is not on the ground. It turns to rigid flatfoot or rigid pes planus when the arch is nowhere to be found in both the elevated and standing foot positions.


Most flat feet cases are normally impossible to avoid as they are hereditary. Treating children with flexible flatfeet via corrective shoes and arch supports doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they stop the condition from extending into adulthood.


For aching or mild pain, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) or an acetaminophen (Tylenol), like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, and others) or aspirin could be useful.

When to Call a Professional

Endeavour to reach your doctor for constant or inexplicable foot pain, if you have flat feet or not. This is specifically vital if your foot pain makes it impossible for you to walk or run even when you have the best running shoes for low arches.

Herbs Vitamins for Hair Growth in Dogs: Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

We all adore the family pet with all the full and fluffy hair. They’re full of character and always glad to see you whenever you get back home. Despite the numerous advantages associated with our dog, one significant disadvantage is that his or her hair easily falls off everywhere! It’s like a continuous task of cleaning up their hair with the aid of a vacuum cleaner, and afterwards, you’ll still see the odd hair in places you least expect. It’s a familiar story: You wouldn’t like to clean the house five times daily, which is why it is important for you to buy the best vacuum for pet hair.

Healthy hair is often the crowning glory of any canine, aside from the Chinese Crested Hairless, but even this breed should possess an adorable mane, anklets, and tail.

Whether you’re looking to assist your dog in re-growing the hair lost as a result of skin issues or looking to grow a better coat on a long-coated show specimen, it is essential to have a knowledge or two about nutrition and how it can affect the ability of your dog to grow hair.

cleaning-dog-hair-810x540There are a lot of herbs and vitamins responsible for the growth of hair in dogs. They either support the hair directly or aid other functions that assist in growing the hair. Let’s look at them closely, but remember to confirm with your vet concerning proper dosage and safety before giving your dog any supplement. A few examples of healthy herbal supplements include Evening Primrose Oil, Lecithin, Vitamins such as E, A, and B complex, Saw Palmetto, and Grape Seed Extract.

It’s best to supplement the hair growth of your dog by providing him with a multi-vitamin formulated mainly for dogs if you feel the need to do so. And for those thinking whether the best vacuum for pet hair should be used on a mop-haired teenager that always blocks the shower, all we can say is; we won’t recommend that!

Musings of a Pharmacist: Some Reasons Why People Have a Bad Paleo Diät Erfahrung

If you’re wondering what paleo diät erfahrung is, it simply means “paleo diet experience”. You might have just started your Paleo journey only to discover the huge difficulty in making the transition from your old lifestyle to the new one. You could possibly be a diet veteran but still find yourself eating a fresh loaf of bread or nipping some sweets in bits. Or, even worse, you are feeling as if you don’t see the positive outcome of weight loss, improved general health or increased energy despite doing everything right.

So, what is the reason behind a lot of people’s failure to adhere strictly to the diet or stick to the diet and still fail to experience the wholesome results? It can vary for everyone. However, when we talk about the Paleo community, there are definitely some usual reasons for failure.

The technical reasons

These “technical reasons” are normally reasons why some individuals fail in their bid for ideal health results on the diet despite the fact that they adhere strictly to it and feel they are on the right track. There is so much contradicting information in the public domain as regards Paleo and some persons are misled to effect changes based on some incorrect information that won’t benefit them in the long run.

The convenience factor

People without full commitment to Paleo Diet really find it difficult to cope with this. As previously mentioned, sticking to a Paleo Diet equates to more time given to food and its preparation. Besides this, for those with doubts concerning the origin of their fruits, meats, and vegetables, a lot of work is definitely needed to set up connections with local butchers and farmers.

If you are presently finding it hard to achieve the targeted health results or you just had a poor paleo diät erfahrung, I hope this article was supportive in providing you with the essential pointers about the habits you need to change or in providing you with a motivational boost not to change, hang in there, and battle through the difficult parts.

Page Blanche (White Pages) Pharmacy Listing

Every serious business wants to be a part of the page blanche (white pages) family and be seen by a lot more people thereby creating a marketing and business awareness of their brand. If you run a pharmacy business there are a few ways to get your business listed.

Below are four quick and simple things you can do to acquire a business phone listing

First, visit the Listyourself website. This site prides itself as “The Listing Service for the Unlisted” and despite the fact that it seems like it is a normal site, a lot of small business owners have recommended it as an effective and efficient site that met their respective needs. However, some were not successful with this service while others needed a lot of entries concerning their information before it finally worked for them. Still, you should try it since it is a free service.

Second, visit SuperPages and register your business for the purpose of a free listing. You will see the “Add or Edit a Business” link at the bottom section of the home page. In addition, list yourself on Google Maps as it is what provides data to the latest Google 411 service.

Third, you can reach a telecoms service and request for a “foreign listing” – you need not be on their network to gain access to their wireless 411 directory. This service may attract a one-off fee and monthly charges.

Fourth, you can contact your local 411, request for your local listing before telling them you’re the business owner, then find out how to get listed once you have been informed that there is no such business listing. At worst, you will be able to get a number with your local phone company which you can configure to forward to your numbers. Despite the fact that it requires money it could be worth it. A 411 listing and appearing in the numerous online 411 directories is not a guarantee for you to be in the printed page blanche directory.

Prescription Drug Abuse: Drug Rehab Centers Florida

Florida residents can now get rid of their unwanted medications at the local pharmacy. This program was designed in such a way to help citizens get rid of their prescription drugs efficiently to prevent them from ending up in drinking water. According to Ames Yosef, who is a pharmacy owner, this will also aid prescription drug abuse. Drug rehab centers Florida can assist you in the event that you are battling with prescription drug abuse. Contact a treatment center now.

Prescription drug addiction is becoming more widespread. Prescription drug abuse can be described as the usage of any prescription drugs in a way the doctor didn’t prescribe. Examples of abused medications include stimulants and opioids.


They are taken for pain relief. A popular example of this is morphine. The negative effect of morphine is that it is very addictive. In two weeks of consumption, the body turns out to be overly reliant on opiates, thereby making it a hard drug to put a stop to. Despite the fact that morphine could be prescribed initially for a good cause, too much consumption outside of what the doctor prescribed is the earliest sign of addiction to it. It can provide the user with the feelings of extreme relaxation and euphoria. For those enduring times of stress, it can offer you a means of escape. The user may see that it rules their life as the addiction to morphine is very strong. Work and relationships may suffer due to this. There are a lot of undesirable side effects associated with incessant morphine consumption.

Some of them are;

– Nausea

– Coma

– Slowed breathing

– Drowsiness

Ongoing consumption leads to the user developing a very strong addiction that is tough to overcome. The withdrawal symptoms are bad with the user going through the following;

– Muscle and bone pain

– Diarrhoea

– Insomnia

– Vomiting

Don’t let prescription drug abuse rule your life. Contact the drug rehab centers Florida and join a Florida Area of Narcotics Anonymous gathering to create lifelong bonds with other recovering addicts.

Supplement Watch: Mesomorph Rocket Pop

APS Nutrition’s Mesomorph (known as the Mesomorph Rocket Pop) is mostly termed the “king” of pre-workout as a result of the killer pumps as well as euphoric feel a lot of users derive from it. It contains agmatine sulfate, citrulline malate (6 grams), beta alanine (4 grams), arginine AKG, and DMAA (Geranaburn) is a component of the stimulant base and also doubles as the same constituent that was in the earlier JacK3d, one of the well-known pre-workout supplements ever. It’s in Mesomorph to provide you with intense energy, focus, and concentration.

Major Features of Mesomorph:

  • Explosive Energy
  • Promotes Laser-like Focus
  • Enhances Endurance
  • Crazy Pumps and Vascularity

Mesomorph Ingredients

Mesomorph makes use of 3 various proprietary blends

The first one is the Nitric Oxide/Synthenox-Carnosine Complex (6.5g). One of the more popular ingredients as far as a Pre-workout is concerned is Beta-Alanine. At the moment, most companies only use around 1.5g or at the maximum 2g, but 2g is only occasionally used due to the fact that it gets knocked out of the park by a HUGE 3.2g of Beta-Alanine(BA). Citrulline Malate and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate are also available alongside BA.

The second is called the Mesoswell-Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix (4.5mg) and it comes with creatine in two distinct forms namely Creatine Nitrate and Di-Creatine Malate. According to research, these two forms of creatine provide a better pump, absorb better and have less bloat over Creatine Monohydrate.

The last one is Neuromorph-Neuro Energized Stimulant Matrix (1.87g). Caffeine Anhydrous is definitely first on the list. Caffeine is a long-time confirmed energy booster that increases your endurance and improves mood as well.

Next is the Geranium Oil Extract, otherwise referred to as DMAA (1, 3 dimethylamylamine). It provides its laser-like focus to Mesomorph and comes in a big dose of 65mg.

APS recently released Mesomorph in a new, Limited Edition flavour called the “Rocket Pop” or Mesomorph Rocket Pop, and it is sold in a clear tub with layers of white, blue, and red powder. It looks just as good as it tastes, give it a try now!!








Buy it from Gifts Less Ordinary

If you are looking for the best personalized gifts in Brisbane Australia, be sure to check out this online retailer based in Australia !

My daughter is expecting her first baby later this month and to this effect, I have been purchasing the items needed by the baby as well as the soon-to-be mother, however, I desired something that would remind her that she will always be my little baby even after becoming a mother. Therefore I searched through the personalised bracelets category on Gifts Less Ordinary’s Australia website and I saw this adorable gem.

This is really amazing and it’s not weighty despite the fact that it was well crafted. I made the decision that since she was going to put this on as she carries her baby I wanted to gauge the strength of the chain and clasp to check if it would fail. I wore it on my arm and pulled like a child would, but the chain and the clasp were still in position, exactly what the customer care personnel at the Brisbane center told me would happen.

The charms are joined together in a secure way and they didn’t show any sign of tear or wear despite the tugging. The etched writing was clearly well done. I didn’t see any mistakes at all.

Generally, this is a very beautiful and valuable necklace. I have to add it to the basket of items I have already purchased for my pregnant daughter. This is the right place for you to be whenever you’re looking for interesting bargains on personalized gifts for her. What you will get at the end of the day is a necklace at an affordable price that would make a really lovely gift for that extraordinary daughter or mother in your life.