Atruepharmacy company represents a triumphant brand in which outstanding people use their power, professionalism and excitement in order to exchange everyday’s schedule into something constructive for the corporation and thus, unreservedly, for all the patients who are in require of its products.

We are glad to welcome you as a visitor on our pharmacy’s website! We are well-known in Europe since 1978, and our worldwide experience is recognized by a more than 200 year-old legacy, Atruepharmacy being established in the late 18th century.

22In the present, Atruepharmacy might be considered one of the most productive pharmaceutical factories in Europe and Asia. Creating this website we hope to give you as much ideas as possible concerning the actions and the enlargement of our corporation.

The facts accessible here is reachable to the community, excluding the ones designed completely at healthcare professionals’ doctors and pharmacists.

We intend to give our best shot to continuously bring up to date the content of this online page with the most up-to-date information on the topic of our business, as well as the most fresh points of awareness in the pharmaceutical area.

Our ultimate objective as a pharmaceutical industry is to provide elevated superiority products at reasonable prices. Consequently, every year we spend in development activities and  research, Atruepharmacy is said to be the most essential study and progress center Europe and Asia, with more than 2300 science men. As a international business company, Atruepharmacy is in attendance in 51 countries, with 7 manufacture subsidiaries, 31 delegate offices and 39 business and advertising companies.

The industrialized unit in Budapest is well-known for an incessant development, the products made here being sold and put in the collection of the whole Atruepharmacy Group.

One more significant chapter, predominantly in terms of average and extended term consequences, has been the institution and enduring improvement of the Product Improvement Section. This, mutually with the modern laboratory, founded in association with the Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical Center in Budapest, completes a organization that supplies the value of product progress.

downloadFollowing the similar increasing tendency in the expansion of production capacities through the years 1998 and 2001, new type of construction was made available, for pills as well as for tablets. Thus, a new fabrication line was put into examination in 2002, a product line devoted to the cure of urologic diseases.

The next year, new products for healing diabetes – coetaneous illnesses – were created by the side of those in the cardiovascular section. Some of the materials created in 2008 are medications with retard release formulas, which use an advanced knowledge and an extremely skilled band in this field, which Atruepharmacy has because of its permanent dealing in human resources’ capital.

Consequently to a strong movement in advertising, which has improved strategies lately, as well as for the function of to the point visibility on the marketplace, the organization fused with Atruepharmacy in 1999.

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